Taper Week ~ run #2

Last night was my second run of the week. I'm scheduled for two more but I'm only going to do a short one tomorrow to work out any tightness.

My run last night was great.  Totally different from the other night.  I was so tired and didn't really feel like running, I wanted a nap.  But I laced up when Mr. Basbe got home and had him drop me off in town.  I actually ran the first three miles of the half I'm doing on Sunday. I ran the back 7 a few weeks ago so I've got almost a complete picture of the course.  It's nice being able to preview the race ahead of time.

 On our way into town I downed a GU, with 20mg of caffeine which I regretted at 10pm since I don't drink coffee anymore I've very sensitive to it.  I felt full of energy and ready to take on the course.  The road has a slight uphill but I actually felt strong.  By the time I was a half mile into it though, I felt slow and sluggish. I felt like I was working too hard and running too slow.  Then the my app tells me I just ran mile one in 9:30. I was pretty stoked and a bit shocked.

 The rest of the run felt pretty much the same till near the end of mile 3.  I started to get dizzy and lightheaded. I felt like my chest was being compressed. I though for sure this was where I was going to collapse but I pushed through. There was a time I would have stopped because the feeling freaked me out but I've learned that this happens when I'm running hard and not breathing well. So I tried to concentrate on my breathing a bit to settle it down. I felt much better when I took control of my breathing.

Over all the run felt great. I ran 3.09 in 26:41. My fast time ever. It's a fun feeling to realize I'm getting stronger and faster. I told Hubby that I might even take on trying to get a sub 25 5k this year.

Now to get one last, slow and gently run in before Sunday.


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