Forgotten Philly Facts and Weekly Wrap Up


If you read my post, Philadelphia Marathon Recap, then you saw that I did a few things different this cycle.  I forgot to include two of the changes I have made.

I bought an Orange Mud Hydraquiver this summer and have been using that with handheld water bottles, when they are needed.  I have a bladder that I've never fully enjoyed using. The hydraquiver works perfectly for me. Most of the time I forget that I'm even carrying all that fluid on my back. I'm super thrilled with this purchase.

The biggest change I made this cycle has to do with my footwear. Anyone who has known me for 5 minutes, knows I wear VibramFiveFingers. They are what I started running on the road with in 2009, and except for when I sprained my foot in 2015, they are all I have ever run with. I have tried Merrill Gloves but they just don't work for me as well as I'd like.  This cycle I an old injury in my big toe joint, on my right foot, started acting up. On the left foot, I started having some serious aching and pain in the toes and bones. It actually cut one of my long runs short.  I started wearing my Mizuno's from 2015 but the 10mm drop was really bothering my back.

When we went to RWF in October, on a whim, I trired on a pair of Altra Paradigm 4. I went for a short run in them and came back grinning ear to ear.  They were heavenly. The next day I ran a 10k in them and the following day a half marathon. Both days the shoes felt perfect for my feet.  I have worn them for every training run, except one, since buying them. My feet have stopped hurting and my PF has mostly stopped flaring up. They are a lot heavier than my VFF but I adapted to them in the last month and didn't even notice them during the marathon.  I'm pretty confident I will not be going back to VFF for long distances.


Monday I headed back to work. I felt fantastic. I mean really great.  I was able to fly up and down the stairs with no pain. I really wanted to run but knew I better take the day to rest. I had a follow up chiropractor appt. He was really shocked at how well my body handled the travel and the marathon.

Tuesday brought the same level of feeling really good.  I sent a quick message to Coach Silver Fox to see if he had any major reservations to me getting a few miles in.  I got the green light as long I took it easy. VERY easy. I kept my pace well within my assigned easy pace and My Musician and I got out for a run. I wanted to run at least 3 but when we hit the 1 mile mark, I knew the smartest choice was to run around. I didn't hurt or anything but I could feel the tired in my legs.

Wednesday and Thursday were all about Thanksgiving prep and Friday was all about being a slug.

We did get out for an easy 4 miles on Saturday.  We had a couple of competitive pickups in there and I hit some paces I was not expecting.

Today was a busy day but I finally have miles on my training calendar again!! I am so excited to have some structure already. This week was a bit annoying without that. That was not Coach's fault though since I didn't think I'd want to run at all this week so I asked for no schedule.  I got my 2 miles done but I used the treadmill. I really dislike the TM but as I said in the Den, with winter training, I can't choose to skip a run because the roads are crappy.  I wish a safe place to run in the snow wasn't a 20 minute drive away! 

I'm really looking forward to getting back into the routine of my runs. Taper wasn't much of a decrease in mileage but it sure was a decrease in the difficulty of the runs.  I enjoy my tempo and speed workouts.  They can't show up on the calendar soon enough.

You can follow along with me here for my next marathon cycle.


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