Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Peeps for Power

Ok, so not really. I don't know why I thought having a Peep would be a good idea right before a run but it wasn't.  It left me with side cramps and stomach pain!

After running 3 miles in October, two in November and 7 in December, it's been nice having the running bug hit me again.  I needed that break, physically and emotionally.  This is my official, Welcome Back To My Training month. I only had 31 miles in January and so far 29  for
February but I'm pretty happy with them. 2015 was my best year ever and I started that year out with barely any miles! I'm hoping on to hope, with a death grip, that this is going to be a good year for running.

Tonight was tough. I'm tired. Less than 6 hours of sleep. I'm a gal who needs a solid 7.5 hours to feel good. That's not been happening lately.  I also made the mistake of wearing sneakers instead of my Vibrams. They felt very heavy on my legs on the hills.  I had very little food today. I had a million excuses but I laced up and out I went.

I was too tired tonight to have any rambling thoughts except how much the wind sucked blowing in my face as I ran up the hill.

I have about a 1/2 miles left and I saw my Musician coming up the hill.  His first run of the year and he was taking on the hill.  He's crazy on them. Blows by me on the hills every time.  I was thrilled to see him and ran a bit more with him.

running with the love of my life

I think a big shift for me in heading into this running season is that even the runs that are great or "perfect" are ok. I'm still loving them!

Delicious, evil little thing.....

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring-like Run

What do you do when it's February, almost 60°, with a crystal clear blue sky and you were up, on and off, all night with either a stomach bug or bad food??  Why run, of course!!!  

I had a really rough start to the morning but when I stepped out of church and felt that sun, I knew there wasn't any sick feeling or due assignments that were going to keep me away from the road.

Just a short run. That's all I wanted. Some movement in the blessed sun! 

Even though it was short, I had lots of thoughts today.....

Mile 1 

* The first hill was torture, I wanted to walk but didn't. I haven't run hills in months. I look up the hill and I don't remember it looking so steep.

* One step, then the next, it's how I make it up hills. 

Yep, it's sharpie time again.
I can't explain writing on myself
helps to motivate me, yet it does. 

*Step. Visceral pleura. Step. Cubital region. Step. Adipose connective tissue. Step. Atomic mass. Step. Sagittal section. I stress with each step about remembering what all these words mean. 
The beauty of the hill is that by the time I reach the first flat spot, these words are all gone from my head. The stress of college is eradicated, at least for these 30 minutes. 

* I turn to go up the next hill. Holy cow. The sun feels glorious and incredibly warm. I feel the tiredness melt away. I'm grinning. I wonder if I can grin any bigger. It's been too long since I've had a run to lose myself in my thoughts. 

I have my Sub30 tribe with me....

* There's a sheep on the side of the road. Is the singular of sheep just sheep? I mean geese is goose. Is it shoop? Of course not, but my musing entertain my overworked mind. 

* Oh look at that, mile one already. 11:12 mile. It's ok. I'm out here for relaxation and escape. 

Mile 2

* The hill is making my legs burn a bit. Only 1/2 mile to go and I can turn around. 

* Man this hill is steep, must be time to run around. Dang, only 1.08 miles in. I know right where my turn around is so I try not to look at my watch again. 

* Crap, 1.22. That's it?  
* Hey, is that wild looking dog, that's barking insanely at me, going to stop running towards me? Guess so....he must have forgotten he was on a short chain. 

* Two weeks till my first important race of 2017. One mile. That's it, one tiny mile. I'll have to warm up for 2-3 miles to be able to really push myself in that mile. It will be a good springboard into my spring training for my two half marathons in May. I wonder if I can hit 9 for the mile. Randy reminded me what my fast mile on the track was, 7:21. I won't be hitting that, at least not yet. I'd like to get my fitness back there again. 

* Finally, the turn around point. Some of you have heard me call this run my "running the boob" run. I couldn't stop laughing the first time I saw the elevation map after running this. 

* I become very aware that I'm trying out my new Vibrams on the way back down the hill. I love how my feet feel so in-tune to the road. My last handful of runs have been in actual sneakers and even though it's kept my big toe from constantly hurting, I turn my ankle more in them. 

* Damn it. Right through mud that covered my toes because a truck was coming and I had no choice but to move into the ditch! Here's a pretty picture of them before they because mud covered.....

*As I'm heading back down the hill, I find myself grinning even bigger than before. I LOVE the downhill. The rapid steps, the deep concentration on form, the feeling of free fall, the speed. After pulling my hamstring in 2010, I spent many years afraid of the downhill till I started running these roads. 

* Quick short steps, hips slightly forward, shoulders back, body tipped back a bit, arms controlled to the sides. All things I pay attention to. 
 I grin like a fool and run down the hill at a pace that has woken up my winter sleepy legs. 
My pace going down the hill was so refreshing.
Now to get my HR down. I know only more
running with help with that. 

* There's no shoulder on these roads so I always, and regretfully, slow down on the curves in case I need to jump into the ditch! 

* Mile two. Gone. 10:36.

 Mile 3 

* I'm trying to decide if I want to keep doing past my road or head home. The lack of sleep from last night is winning this battle.

* I'm daydreaming about a cup of coffee and then a nap. Reality also starts to seep back in. I have so much homework tonight!

* Signs of the coming spring are all around me. The birds are just as happy as I am today. The water is flowing like crazy from the melting snow.

* When I'm on the straight away, my Musician drives by.

* I stop briefly to chat with him and he offers me a ride. It's so tempting but I decline. It's about my 1st minutes. (Motivational Trick) They've been bad this last year. Time to get back to living the lifestyle I enjoy living. One where my pain is from pushing my body to see what it can do, instead of pain from pushing the fork to my mouth.

I get home and I'm out of breath from the last hill but still so elated to be out here on a day that is finally sunny and warm. I realize I have wonderful sweat running down my face.  I love the feeling of sweating from running!

Sweating with snow still on the ground

I'm really excited about the upcoming temps. I know we'll have lots more cold days but for the next few days, the running weather is going to be wonderful! 

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