Peeps for Power

Ok, so not really. I don't know why I thought having a Peep would be a good idea right before a run but it wasn't.  It left me with side cramps and stomach pain!

After running 3 miles in October, two in November and 7 in December, it's been nice having the running bug hit me again.  I needed that break, physically and emotionally.  This is my official, Welcome Back To My Training month. I only had 31 miles in January and so far 29  for
February but I'm pretty happy with them. 2015 was my best year ever and I started that year out with barely any miles! I'm hoping on to hope, with a death grip, that this is going to be a good year for running.

Tonight was tough. I'm tired. Less than 6 hours of sleep. I'm a gal who needs a solid 7.5 hours to feel good. That's not been happening lately.  I also made the mistake of wearing sneakers instead of my Vibrams. They felt very heavy on my legs on the hills.  I had very little food today. I had a million excuses but I laced up and out I went.

I was too tired tonight to have any rambling thoughts except how much the wind sucked blowing in my face as I ran up the hill.

I have about a 1/2 miles left and I saw my Musician coming up the hill.  His first run of the year and he was taking on the hill.  He's crazy on them. Blows by me on the hills every time.  I was thrilled to see him and ran a bit more with him.

running with the love of my life

I think a big shift for me in heading into this running season is that even the runs that are great or "perfect" are ok. I'm still loving them!

Delicious, evil little thing.....


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