Monday, March 28, 2016

"I Became A Coach Before You Did"

"Well, I was a runner long before you!", was my response.

Ok, you have to know My Musician's heart to know he was busting me in love and playfulness. There was no maliciousness in his comment. If anything it brought a bit of competition into me finishing my test and that competition paid off!!!


After a year of waiting and trying to get into the class, I am finally a RRCA Certified Coach with my amazing hubs as not only my partner in life but as a co-coach with me!!

Not So Exciting Week In Review

Those who know me have heard this a million times, I hate winter. I hate to be cold and I don't like running when it's cold, the only exceptions are: I love running in a snow storm and I like how clear running in cold weather makes my lungs feel. Living in the Northeast, I may someday learn to like it but I truly prefer and excell in the heat of summer.

So all that complaining out of the way, my miles for my upcoming marathon have really suffered. It's been a really hard decision but I'm really going to relax on my pace for this one. I had a goal time in mind but I don't want to chew my legs up that much.  My biggest weakness is endurance of long distance so I'm going to just continue to work on building the strength I'll need for my fall race.

I've been working on a couple training plans and one of them mirrors what I'm doing, with the exception that the 2nd one has the appropriate mileage needed. I reached out to my instructors to get some much needed clarification on the taper rules for one of the plans I'm working on and I look forward to being able to take that wisdom and apply to my fall race.

This week's training has gone pretty well except of the wind. Not sure what's up with the wind this past week but at least 3 of my runs were more difficult than they should have been because of the wind.  My track run was rough because the wind took a 40 degree evening and made it bitter. My muscles really stiffened up from the cold half way through my workout.  Thursday night was the worse though. Winds over 20 mph with 30+ gusts.  I had an easy 7 to run but felt like I ran uphill at race pace for half of that.  My pace was slowed down 2 minutes per mile for the half of the run I was running into the wind. Today they are calling for 30+ mph with 50mph gusts.  Might be running on the treadmill today.

My long run this week was fun. It was beautiful weather, clear, sunny but windy.  I ran in the town next to us but that town was where I spent a lot of early childhood. It was like a run down memory lane.

Spent my kindergarten year here. 

We lived here, right across the street from the school

One of my grandparents houses. I spent many days sitting and daydreaming in those upstairs windows

Another grandparent's house. I have a lot of memories from here but the wasp stinging both my legs is the clearest

Park I played at. Broome County is known for its carousels, this park houses one of them.

Spring is coming!!! 

 I finished my long run with my hubs at a local park, while Tink rode her bike.  Above a bald eagle soared, scouring the river for lunch. I was really happy with my pace, considering how far behind I am from where I feel I should be and it great to get a few miles in with my love.  I'm really looking forward to my longer long runs in the increasing warmth of spring.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Group Picture from RRCA Class

We got our group picture today from our training in Deal, NJ.  I'm sporting some neon pink Sub Love (in case you have no clue what I'm talking about it's our Runner's World Sub Club on FB). 

This was a really great group of runners and two very knowledgable instructors. 

Time is ticking by very quickly. We only get a month to complete the test. Randy is wrapping up his test completion, while I'm only half done. In my defense I did have Tink home all week from school and I'm hoping to be able to sit with my test to finish it during the day this week.  

I'm thinking my next post will be me announcing and celebrating our success on the test!  

Monday, March 21, 2016

RRCA Class, Deal, NJ

Last weekend we attended the RRCA Coaching Certification course.  It was really informative and the amount of information was extremely overwhelming. I would have liked to have seen the class be 3 or 4 days instead.

We attended the course in Deal, NJ.  We drove down on Friday and stayed for the weekend.  On the way down we stopped at The Crossings Premium Outlets in Tannersville, PA.  There's a candy store there that has the best candy apples ever!  We were just there in November on our way back from my marathon yet when we arrived, it was closed!!! I wanted to cry. I'd been looking forward to one but the store was completely empty.  Oh well....

We stayed at a hotel that clean-wise was really scary but at least all the employees were really nice. I seriously was afraid to put my bags on the floor. We had packed our bathing suits for the heated pool but after seeing the pool we decided to skip that activity.

We checked in and headed to Deal to locate where the class was and to go to the ocean.
 Deal is breathtaking.  The houses are incredible.  I was surprised though, how dirty the beach was.  My sister, who lives in NJ, said a lot of debris from NYC washes up on the Jersey Shore and that with it being the off season, the beach wouldn't get cleaned like it does in the summer. It was really sad to see and made the environmentalist in me really angry for our sea life. Anyway, with it being off-season the beach was covered with shells. We found a couple really nice ones we brought home for Tink.

I have an obsession with waves
I can't wrap my mind around having a home like this on the ocean

We drove down the beach to Asbury, walked the boardwalk and had dinner.  The weather was getting colder (it was almost 80 the day before) and we knew it was going to be a long weekend so we didn't stay at the shore long.

Saturday and Sunday proved to be very long days.  Lots of information to absorb. Some of it went against all that I've learned to date and some of it was really eye opening.  There were some very experienced runners in our group. Some, like us, are planning on being coaches and others were taking it to have a better understanding of running for their own benefit. Parts of the weekend were challenging, like dealing with certain personality types in class. The instructors were wonderful, very educated, highly experienced yet were willing to listen and debate with us when we had opposing opinions on the material.

After the class on Saturday, my Musician and I couldn't stand the thought of sitting in the hotel to do our homework so we drove to Long Branch, stumbled upon a cute little boardwalk area and stretched our legs there. I was thrilled when I found one of the candy stores (it's a chain) that sells the candy apples.  My dinner was basically an Apple Pie candy apple.

We found a cute little cafe to sit at and do our homework.  We have a case study, Robin, who wants to BQ and we have to create him a training schedule.  Our homework is to progress his long run and weekly miles according to the rules of training.  Then in class on Sunday we will work with a team to create a full 12 week schedule for him.  It was interesting sitting with 3 other people who have very different ideas and creating a plan we could all agree on. There was a lot of give and take.   It was also eye opening to see 7 groups, who all just went through the same training material, create seven very different training plans for our case study.

Long Branch, NJ
As much fun as it was, I was happy for us to get back on the road to home!

We have been studying all week and working through the book. I submitted my first 10 questions Saturday. The questions seem really easy at first but as I dug into them, some were a bit tricky.  I'm glad they give us a whole month to do the 100 questions. I'll need it.

I can not wait until we have Meraki Running fully set up and launched. My Musician and I have begun putting personal experience, previous knowledge and newly gained knowledge into action for both of my marathons this year.

Working on my training plan

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Reynolds Ramblings....

Today I did a workout I haven't done in 8 months.  It was hard. I thought the hills were going to make my wobbly, tired legs collapse but I did them.  Since I'm starting from scratch with this workout, I only did 4 hill repeats but then the recovery miles afterwards are what I was super excited about. Each one was a progressively faster.  Not as fast as last year but a winter of minimal running and weight gain have really slowed me down.  It's frustrating but it's all my own fault. All I can do is move forward to getting back where I was last year.

The other fantastic part about today's run was hearing the red wing black birds while I was running.  Spring is coming and with it better running weather. I love to run in the heat and I can't wait to start training in some hot afternoon sun.

Our RRCA class is coming up. I'm really excited that after almost 2 years, this dream is finally so close to fruition! We have our business name picked out but have not yet designed the website.  One step at a time.

I also no longer have a coach. It might not be a big deal normally, but this is the year I want to BQ (Boston qualify) so not having a coach was a major decision for us.  There were many factors that went into that decision and I'm not 100% comfortable with it. But what better guinea pig for our couching, than Randy and I co-coaching me.

As for my sprained foot, it's still a nagging injury.  It's driving me nuts that sometimes it's fine and other times I can barely walk on it.  It also doesn't matter if I'm running in my Vibrams or sneakers, both can make it hurt and wearing shoes during the day actually aggravates it more.  I believe some of it is related to tight muscles. If I keep up on my yoga, the pain really subsides. I don't schedule yoga for myself so I forget. That's one of the training segments we are adding into my marathon training.

Eighty-two days left till the Herald of Victory Marathon. I'm pretty nervous and excited about it.  I have a time goal but considering where my fitness currently is, I'm not sure I'll hit that goal. However, I'm trying to keep my thoughts positive so I don't lose my race before I can even toe the line.

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