Not So Exciting Week In Review

Those who know me have heard this a million times, I hate winter. I hate to be cold and I don't like running when it's cold, the only exceptions are: I love running in a snow storm and I like how clear running in cold weather makes my lungs feel. Living in the Northeast, I may someday learn to like it but I truly prefer and excell in the heat of summer.

So all that complaining out of the way, my miles for my upcoming marathon have really suffered. It's been a really hard decision but I'm really going to relax on my pace for this one. I had a goal time in mind but I don't want to chew my legs up that much.  My biggest weakness is endurance of long distance so I'm going to just continue to work on building the strength I'll need for my fall race.

I've been working on a couple training plans and one of them mirrors what I'm doing, with the exception that the 2nd one has the appropriate mileage needed. I reached out to my instructors to get some much needed clarification on the taper rules for one of the plans I'm working on and I look forward to being able to take that wisdom and apply to my fall race.

This week's training has gone pretty well except of the wind. Not sure what's up with the wind this past week but at least 3 of my runs were more difficult than they should have been because of the wind.  My track run was rough because the wind took a 40 degree evening and made it bitter. My muscles really stiffened up from the cold half way through my workout.  Thursday night was the worse though. Winds over 20 mph with 30+ gusts.  I had an easy 7 to run but felt like I ran uphill at race pace for half of that.  My pace was slowed down 2 minutes per mile for the half of the run I was running into the wind. Today they are calling for 30+ mph with 50mph gusts.  Might be running on the treadmill today.

My long run this week was fun. It was beautiful weather, clear, sunny but windy.  I ran in the town next to us but that town was where I spent a lot of early childhood. It was like a run down memory lane.

Spent my kindergarten year here. 

We lived here, right across the street from the school

One of my grandparents houses. I spent many days sitting and daydreaming in those upstairs windows

Another grandparent's house. I have a lot of memories from here but the wasp stinging both my legs is the clearest

Park I played at. Broome County is known for its carousels, this park houses one of them.

Spring is coming!!! 

 I finished my long run with my hubs at a local park, while Tink rode her bike.  Above a bald eagle soared, scouring the river for lunch. I was really happy with my pace, considering how far behind I am from where I feel I should be and it great to get a few miles in with my love.  I'm really looking forward to my longer long runs in the increasing warmth of spring.


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