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Christmas Cookie 5k and Post Marathon Weeks

Sometimes numbers don't tell the whole story. This was the best time in a 5k I had this year.

But this was the hardest 5k I've had this year. I had splits in my mind that were on the edge of what I was capable of but not hitting them is not what is bothering me.

We got to the race and as we were walking to the bib pickup, my hip flexor had a slight painful catch to it. Seriously, I tend to ignore any prerace tweats of pain because my brain likes to play tricks with me. I've had some pain before races that was pretty intense and then it just disappears. I read an article once that our brains basically freak out on us when it knows that we are going to face a intense race or workout. (I wish I'd saved the article but there are actually lots out there if you just google it). For the record, I don't ignore pain that doesn't go away!

So I felt this tweak and I vaguely remembered slipping this week and feeling a pull in my hip flexor. And then it was gone till my wa…

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