Taper Week ~ run #1

I have a love/hate relationship with taper week.  I love the lower mileage, it's nice to take a break from training but I hate the feeling like I'm not running like I should. I feel like the lower miles makes me less prepared.  I know that's not true at all. I've seen how the short break before a race can really improve my running.  

 Last nights run was supposed to be 3 miles. I made it 2.5 miles at a 9:41 pace, which shocked me. I felt like I was running a 11:30 pace. My legs felt like lead, my bad ankle ached, I got a bad side stitch (which I rarely get!), the muscles between my shoulder blades knotted up and I couldn't catch my breath at all. Plus, after the way I ate last week, my stomach has been a mess for two days.  I finally broke down and called Mr. Basbe to come pick me up. I've not called him to rescue me since my marathon training days.  I really didn't have a choice, I had to go. Where I was running is called Corporate Drive and there are a ton of businesses with security cameras. No way was I finding a ditch to squat in around there!  So this time I happily cut my run short and had Hubby rescue me. 

Two more light runs this week. Hopefully they'll feel better than this one did.  


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