First Half Marathon

Next Sunday I will be running my first half marathon, Binghamton Bridge Run. I honestly don't feel like I'm ready. I probably am though. I was plagued with a back injury that kept me from the first 3 weeks of training. Then the weather was so horrible that I wasn't getting outside to get my runs in and frankly, anything over 6 miles on the treadmill is downright torture. I've gotten most of my long runs in since then but not all of my weekday runs. I have a goal of 2:30 or better for my time. I believe I can accomplish this if everything goes ok.  Since it's my first half, it will be an instant PR no matter what I run!

Looking forward to this year.  I have more longer races planned than I was initially going to run.  The Vestal XX will be a personal triumph (I'll explain later), the CanLake50 will be my first ultra and the RW Half & Festival will one big party of running and meeting more of my friends-in-my-phone.

But first, to get through the first race of the season...


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